The setup of this session with Mistress Vera was extremely unusual and begins with the fact that I found myself in New Orleans during DomCon.  Of course I had to take advantage of the fact that I was in the same town as Mistress Ultra Violet (who I have seen many times).  Mistress Vera, on the other hand, had just decided to join the Sisterhood of the Atlanta Dungeon a week earlier after almost a decade of time in Chicago as a lifestyle and Pro Domme.  As part of this, she had been convinced (although I am sure it didn’t take much convincing) to come to New Orleans with her new Sisters for the event.


After my session with Mistress Ultra Violet we were talking and she was almost gushing about Mistress Vera, telling me I really should see take advantage of the opportunity. I was reluctant because I really didn’t know anything about her as a Domme (although I had actually spoken to Mistress Vera for about 10 minutes the day before as she popped outside the convention hotel for a smoke and had found her to be extremely attractive and a genuinely nice person) and I really hadn’t budgeted for another session. But, since Mistress Ultra Violet does know me so well, I decided to follow her lead (which I can tell you is always a smart decision) and agree to see Mistress Vera the next day.. but just for an hour rather than the 90 minutes I usually prefer for a first session or the two hours I usually spend with Mistress Ultra Violet (this, as it turns out was a tremendous mistake on my part as you soon will see).


So, I arrive at the hotel a few minutes early and text Mistress Ultra Violet who tells me the room number and gives me permission to come up.  I get to the door and knock then get my first glimpse of “Mistress” Vera… and although I think I hid it well, I was stunned at how tremendously hot she was.  The day before, I had been talking to a very pretty and down-to-earth girl wearing a cut-off t-shirt and shorts with her hair pulled back into a pony tail but now here was this blonde Goddess in an almost lingerie type black and red corset, fishnet stockings and matching high heels staring down at me as I slid into the room.


After a very quick (and probably stammered on my part) hello, she took no time in establishing that she was in charge immediately ordering me to provide my gift to her and to go into the bathroom strip and then come back out.  I did as said and as I came out she immediately ordered me to lay on my back on the floor. She towered over me while giving me instructions about my safe words and expected behavior during the session, then asked about limits and any physical problems that she needed to know about.  Usually pre-session communication is where I get on the same page with a Domme and provide this information because I have a terrible memory, but as you know this was not a normal setup.


Mistress Vera listened intently (and basically Mistress Ultra Violet had filled her in about me in the way I normally would during pre-session communication so this was mostly confirmation) then grabbed some of the things she wanted to use on me as I rambled on.  Once I had gone through everything, she specifically asked about CBT because it is one of her favorite things to do and both Mistress Ultra Violet and myself had mentioned my issue with certain forms of it.  She was very happy to find out that as long as she avoided crushing/trapping my left testicle she could play that way and immediately started wrapping a thin cord (the same one that Mistress Ultra Violet had used on me the day before) around my balls and cock.


Mistress Vera made sure I was ok with bondage (which is an understatement) then ordered me to put my arms at my side and my knees in the air by bringing my feet towards my ass as she brought out a long red rope.  She lightly runs her fingers over my skin, hitting all kinds of sensitive areas (showing me she knows exactly where to touch for either pleasure or pain) before wrapping the rope around my ankles with a couple of feet of play in between.  She then tied each wrist to the corresponding ankle so I was open for her.  Through all of this, she wasn’t exactly mean but she was sort of curt and demanding in her tone… then, once bound like this, I got to meet the real Mistress Vera.


Once I was totally in her control like this, the tone of her voice switched to what I have to say is one of the sexiest voices I have ever heard.  The rest of the session was her ordering… taunting… explaining… to me what she was doing, was going to do, or even just wanted to do to me in this… this… VOICE.  No matter how much I try to explain her extensive verbal skills or the way she said things or even what she sounds like when she is comfortable and in total control of you, it pales in comparison to what it really feels and sounds like.


Usually, just general talking by a Domme is not something that turns me on.  In fact, it usually throws me off a little and I usually prefer it when the connection is non-verbal and at a deeper level... But, this time, holy fuck… Mistress Vera’s voice and descriptions… it is just… HOLY FUCK… I almost need to take a break here because I am getting overheated thinking about it.


So, once she has me in that position she puts on a black nitrile glove and grabs some lube as she begins to tell me how she is going to fuck me and piss on me but that I will not be allowed to cum today (this is actually because of a larger chastity/edging thing that the Sisters of the Atlanta Dungeon, led by Mistress Ultra Violet, are currently doing to me) but first she has to see how tight I am.  She slides one finger into me, commenting all the time… the sexiness just oozing from her lips… and begins to play with my prostate before adding another.


It was at about this time that I realized what a complete and utter mistake I had made by only booking a single hour with Mistress Vera because of my skittishness.  Not that she couldn’t break me in only an hour… hell, she had already done that in the first 15 minutes… or that she couldn’t give me an insane experience in just an hour, but that I knew that I wanted so much more time with her as part of this experience.  The thing is, and this is part of my own approach, I never ask or beg for things during a session so the fact that I knew I had made that mistake was just something I would have to live with. 


Meanwhile, she continued to loosen me up while commenting and then slapping my bound cock repeatedly.  Then dripping spit from her lips onto it before slapping it some more, saying how much better the sound was that way.  I, having dropped into subspace by this point, could only whimper and mumble thank you Mistress.  Once loosened, she pulled out a device that I immediately recognized as a “Hush” plug since I have one and had actually been remotely buzzed for several nights over the week before coming to DomCon by different Sisters of the Atlanta Dungeon. Mistress Vera slides that into me, then presses the bottom on the bottom to get it to vibrate in a steady way before moving away to grab an electrical device and pads.  She places them on my nipples and plays with the knobs until I start to jump and whimper at the intensity… commenting and taunting me with her voice during all of this before returning to the spitting and cock slapping.


She then moves to the bed and grabs a pair of satin opera length red gloves that go with her outfit and puts on a show as she puts them on (which turns me into an even bigger puddle of goo on the floor because among a lot of other things, I do have a glove fetish).  All the while telling me what she is going to do and what may or may not be coming (other than me, which she repeatedly points out).  Then it is a long taunting and teasing session on my body with her gloved hands… or at least until she decides to redden my ass with some spanking or even more cock slapping.


It is at about this time that my recollections of what came next and in what order gets all jumbled and fuzzy, as I am just totally gone.  She spent a ton of time standing over me with one leg on either side of my shoulders and bending down at the waist to get to different parts of my body. Her long blonde hair caressing and teasing me as it touched my skin (again… hair fetish… thank you Mistress) and making eye contact with me to see my reactions (another of my favorite things).  There was some facesitting and breath play with both the gloves and her insanely tight ass.  Totally mixing all of the pain with pleasure as she deftly switched between the sensations she wanted to drive into me.


At the end of all of this, she takes off her gloves and commenting about how she wants my ass to be very red so that the piss can run down it to cool it off.. how she wants it to drip from my cock and balls into my asshole when she totally drenches me… all this while her bare-handed slaps fill the room and my ass starts to burn from it.  She then smiles and asks about my balls… saying in her incredible voice “it is just the left one that is the problem, correct?” before focusing some slaps onto my right one… making me cringe with pain and tighten up at all the sensations she has layered.


Finally, it seems like our hour is almost up (or maybe we were just in the middle of the session because time had no meaning at that point) because she starts to remove each of the different things … the CBT rope… the bondage… the electrical… probably so she can shower me… but I just can’t take my screwup anymore and I stammer out a request to please allow me to extend the session for another hour (I don’t think I have ever done that before).  Mistress Vera just smiles and says that she is ok with that, but that as soon as she removes the rope tie I have to go into the bathroom (where my clothes are and where she never goes near) and come back as quickly as possible.  I understand what she means and somehow wobble over there since my legs are rubber to count out the proper tribute and we are off again.


The rest of the session involved a lot of body and foot worship as well as her using a large strapon and fucking me on my back as she had me worship and kiss her feet (oh my f’n god…) before actually laying down a towel, since a puppy pad probably wouldn’t be enough, and bathing my crotch in what seemed like a gallon of piss (which she made me just lay in for a long time as she pinched and squeezed my nipples, spit into my mouth from millimeters away and just generally taunted me in all kinds of incredibly sexy ways).  Finally, we were done and she sent me off to take a shower.


Mistress Vera is just incredible and instinctive.  She definitely loved every minute of our time together and read all of my reactions dialing up my pleasure or pain to her own satisfaction as easily as if she was turning dials on a TENS unit. I am sure Mistress Ultra Violet told her about some of my proclivities but she still managed to hit many, many fetishes that she had no idea I had until she saw my reaction to something she was doing. 


You can find my reviews of different Dommes over the years on the site (The Hang), but in every case I can remember it has actually been the Domme that has asked me to write one (although all of the content and comments are completely mine).  However, I actually begged Mistress Vera to let me write this one because everyone should know about the newest addition to the incredible Sisters of the Atlanta Dungeon.



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